Her Story Series: Feature 1

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HFG is a free support group for women and children who have experienced abuse, run by women who have experienced abuse

The topic for today is – Feature 1 of the Her Story Series

The Her Story Series will feature 10 stories of resourceful women who walked/ran away from abusive relationships

There will be an introduction and excerpts from their journey then a link to their story so it can be read in its entirety

Is there a formula to use when you meet someone that will help you identify an abuser? e.g.: (x + y) x (a – b) = abuser

You know there are some behaviours that abusers generally display. But how do you know with enough time to run from them?

Abusers like to move the relationship forward really fast…they are very possessive, disguised as wanting to spend time with you

If you are uncomfortable, and think things are moving too fast, and are too good to be true…it is! RUN!

“When he drank I no longer recognized him. He became a monster filled with hate”

“He tried to convince me that it was always my fault because I didn’t really love him the way I did my ex-boyfriends…”

“He also made threats of killing himself if he could not be with us”

“He tried to convince me to move to another city or country so that we could have a better life together”

“…he told me he was going to cut out our unborn baby from my stomach”

“I was kicked and punched and I was threatened on numerous occasions with death…”

“He tried to make me feel that I exaggerated our problems…”

“Each time we left… he begged and cried for us to come back and give him another chance”

Now read her story here – Her Story – Feature 2 – http://hfg-happyfamilies.com/expressing-ourselves/her-story-series/her-story-feature-1/

A very big thanks to our brave participants. We appreciate your courage in sharing your story. HFG Hugs to you!

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The topic for next week is – Her Story Series – featuring the stories of women who’ve left abusive relationships

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