Her Story Series: Feature 3

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HFG is a free support group for women and children who have experienced abuse, run by women who have experienced abuse

The topic for today is – Feature 3 of the Her Story Series

The Her Story Series will feature 10 stories of resourceful women who walked/ran away from abusive relationships

There will be an introduction and excerpts from their journey then a link to their story so it can be read in its entirety

Abuse is about power and control

Abuse is not a disease and is not contagious. If you see it don’t turn away, do something to help. Report it!

Abuse doesn’t get better if you don’t do anything. Changing yourself to please your abuser will not stop the abuse

You have the right to live with dignity and free from abuse in your own home

You have to have the courage and strength to leave your abuser. No one can do this for you. BE STRONG! You can do it!

“His line to me always was that I didn’t know how to communicate and after years of hearing that line I believed it

“…he followed me around all the time”

“…I was so beautiful and he was so lucky to have me that he wanted to see me all the time so he wouldn’t think he was dreaming”

” In everyone’s eyes we were the perfect match. He was my forever, my prince charming”

“After I got pregnant things started to change”

“He started making jokes about my appearance and telling stories that were hurtful and demeaning when we were with his friends”

“He would correct me at every turn and imply that I was stupid by asking me if I thought something I said was smart”

“…every day we fought about something and whatever that something was, was usually my fault”

“He would make puking noises as I came into a room, then laugh”

“When I talked to him about the changes in our relationship, he would tell me that I’m the only one who changed”

“He’d tell me that if I was able to communicate properly, he would be coming home to me and not hanging out late with friends”

Now read her story here – Her Story – Feature 3 – http://hfg-happyfamilies.com/expressing-ourselves/her-story-series/her-story-feature-3/

A very big thanks to our brave participants. We appreciate your courage in sharing your story. HFG Hugs to you!

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Next week we’ll have more of the Her Story Series – featuring the stories of women who’ve left abusive relationships

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