Her Story Series: Feature 4

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HFG is a not-for-profit support group that provides ongoing support to women and children who have experienced abuse

HFG is a free support group for women and children who have experienced abuse, run by women who have experienced abuse

The topic for today is – Feature 4 of the Her Story Series

The Her Story Series will feature 10 stories of resourceful women who walked/ran away from abusive relationships

There will be an introduction and excerpts from their journey then a link to their story so it can be read in its entirety

You never know what’s happening behind closed doors. Domestic abuse could be happening behind any door you walk by

If you know of someone who is being abused, be a listener’ and be ready to help when they are ready to leave

Remember that you can’t force someone to leave an abusive relationship, you need to be patient and be there when they are ready

You have the right to live with dignity and free from abuse in your own home

You have to have the courage and strength to leave your abuser. No one can do this for you. BE STRONG! You can do it!

He was very handsome and gentle in our meetings”

“He had so many wonderful things to say about the life we would live after we got married and I moved with him to Canada”

“…said goodbye to my mother and siblings, not knowing when I would see them again…”

“I could never seem to do anything right & when my husband came home she’d tell him exaggerated stories of my short comings”

“I would try to tell him the real story but he’d never listen and asked me if I was calling his mother a liar”

“He called me all kinds of names and locked me outside the home”

“…dragged me by my hair to the bedroom to teach me how to be a proper wife”

“This time when he lifted his hand he did hit me”

“…the next thing I was aware of was him saying he was going to show me what cheating wives got from their husbands”

“I stayed home to hide the bruises and I tried to be as quiet as possible so everyone would forget I was around”

“He came downstairs and grabbed both children and locked them in the bedroom”

“…saying that he was the man of the house and everyone will listen to him or he’d kill us all”

Now read her story here – Her Story – Feature 4 – http://hfg-happyfamilies.com/expressing-ourselves/her-story-series/her-story-feature-4/

A very big thanks to our brave participants. We appreciate your courage in sharing your story. HFG Hugs to you!

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Next week we’ll have more of the Her Story Series – featuring the stories of women who’ve left abusive relationships

If you’d like your story featured in the Her Story Series please email your story to Leonie Segall at right-on@hfgfamilies.com

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