Her Story Series: Feature 7

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The topic for today is – Feature 7 of the Her Story Series

The Her Story Series will feature 10 stories of resourceful women who walked/ran away from abusive relationships

There will be an introduction and excerpts from their journey then a link to their story so it can be read in its entirety

When children speak out about abuse in the home, YOU NEED TO LISTEN

Every child who witnesses domestic violence will be affected by it

Children will still remember witnessing domestic violence even if you don’t talk about it

To help children heal after witnessing domestic violence you need to talk about it, help them get it out in the open

“I figured out there was something wrong with my family when I was about 9 years old.

Mom would also remind us that when dad got home we needed to be very quiet”

He would close the front door so hard it felt as if the house shook.

“Mom would always scream that she was sorry and that she’d do a better job next time as my dad hurt her over and over.

“I could hear when he threw her against the wall, I could hear all the stuff breaking and moms cries and screams.

“…mom would whisper to us that it was okay, but that we should stay in the room and keep the door locked.”

“The next morning, mom’s face would be bruised and her eyes and mouth would be swollen.

Now read her story here – Her Story – Feature 7 – http://hfg-happyfamilies.com/expressing-ourselves/her-story-series/her-story-feature-7/

A very big thanks to our brave participants. We appreciate your courage in sharing your story. HFG Hugs to you!

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