DANCE…It’s Just My Thing


DanceIt’s just my thing


My name is Kimberly, and dance is my Life!

IMG_5694The proceeds from the Annual Walk Against Domestic Violence was used to send children to summer camp and pay for job skills training for moms.  Kimberly was one of the children who went to HFG sponsored summer camp.

When asked what summer camp she would like to attend, there was not even a second of pause before Kimberly answered DANCE. In total, with the two weeks of summer camp sponsored by HFG, Kimberly attended four weeks of dance camp and still that wasn’t enough, she wanted it to last forever! If it was up to Kimberly the whole summer would have been about Dance.

Kimberly excitedly got ready for camp every morning, but when it was time to come home she dragged her feet and sported the sad face. She diligently practiced for her two shows and was a dream to watch.

IMG_5690Kimberly attends regular dance classes during the school year and plan on making dance a very big part of high school.


Way to go Kimberly! We are all very proud of you.


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