Leonie Segall

IMG_3467Leonie was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. Always adventurous, she left Jamaica at the age of 20 to run a health and fitness club in Marbella, Spain despite not knowing any Spanish. Three years later, Leonie moved to Canada, where she tried her hand at many lines of work including server, bartender, event security, early childhood educator, secretary, administrative professional and law clerk.

Leonie is also a survivor of an abusive relationship. She likes to say that she had lots of big dreams and goals and none of them included being abused because she was too smart and wise. On the road to regaining her confidence and adventurous nature she attended two sessions of the Here to Help program offered at Yorktown Family Services and two sessions of the Boundless Young Family program offered by Boundless Adventures.

Leonie is the proud mother of an amazing son, and recently happily remarried.

Leonie founded HFG Happy Families Support Network Inc. (HFG) in 2012 as a support group for women and children who have experienced abuse. One of the insidious aspects of abuse is the damage it does to a woman’s sense of self. HFG helps mothers overcome this damage and move more confidently into the world to realize their true potential.
Leonie has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education, and is a Certified Law Clerk. She also contributes her deep experience and radiant optimism to Find Your Beautiful http://wwwfindyourbeautiful.com by writing for the Mom’s Corner.

If you would like to have Leonie present to your Organization, please contact her at leonie@hfgfamilies.com