Cynthia Singh

Cynthia has lived a very international life. Born in Germany, she moved to India with her sister at the age of 8 to complete her education. In 2002, she moved to Canada where she attended high school and college. Growing up, she spent many years away from her parents, which had an impact on her relationship with her family. At the age of 19, Cynthia was forced to leave her parents’ home as a result of her beliefs and determination to live her life on her own terms. During this time, Cynthia managed to complete her education while juggling part time jobs to support herself financially.

Cynthia’s upbringing has had a major impact in her life and has been the source of many difficult relationships. She has struggled with trying to fit in and to please others around her. In doing so, she lost some of her identity and self-esteem. On the road to regaining her confidence, Cynthia has participated in group meetings, which has helped her overcome her struggles and gain some control over her life.

After graduating from college, Cynthia worked as a legal assistant for seven years. In 2011, she went back to school to complete her Law Clerk certification. Cynthia loves working as a Law Clerk, and her dedication to her career has been an uplifting force in her life. It has helped give her the confidence to conquer life’s obstacles independently.

Outside of work, Cynthia has pursued activities such as learning to play the piano, taking dance classes and exercising. Cynthia believes that nothing is impossible in this world, that you have to believe in yourself, and that you must take each day as a present to unwrap and explore to see what it holds for you.