Melissa Patterson

MelissaMelissa Patterson is a Registered Nurse who has been working with children and their families for over a decade.  She has been happily involved with HFG Happy Families Support Network Inc. since its inception, as a volunteer and health educator.  She enjoys sharing her wide range of knowledge with women and mothers, including information on infant and child health and development, positive discipline, self-care and coping strategies, healthy eating, effective communication and infant/child nutrition.  She received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Ryerson University and went on to earn her Master’s in Education degree at York University.  Her work experience has ranged from hospital to community environments and educational institutions.  She is currently a Public Health Nurse specializing in maternal/infant health and breastfeeding.  She is proud to be a part of HFG and to be their ‘nurse on call’.  In her spare time she enjoys a great book or spending time with her loving husband and furry friends.