Ingrid Hart

Ingrid Hart - CSIphoto2Shine Brilliant!

Ingrid Hart is a Spiritual Life Coach in Toronto, Canada. A graduate of the spiritual and holistic Life Coaching program at Transformational Arts College in Toronto, Ingrid has over 40 years of life experience with over a decade spent in performance arts as a film and television actor. Ingrid combines life coaching, metaphysics, spiritual arts and the concepts of authentic performance to empower others into taking the centre stage of their lives and to shine brilliantly. Ingrid’s coaching style feels like getting a “makeover of the mind”.  From frustration and confusion to clarity, courage and creativity Ingrid’s coaching keeps you focused and moving forward.

Ingrid is a lover of travel, deep house music and has particular interests in the mystical powers of the mind. Ingrid is also the founder of Open Hart Media Group OHM, providing entertaining content that inspires and enlightens and is the Program Co-ordinator for, the not-for-profit community development program providing group life coaching and performance arts workshops for the community. One of her personal projects includes producing and starring in the on-line series, Urban Enlightenment! – The Travel Show With a Fresh Perspective.