The JunCtian Award for Excellence in Leadership, Business and Inspiration – April 14, 2017

There is a reason the word FAMILY is a part of the HFG name…I’m from a big family and when we were growing up we’d all get together every summer as crowded as that sounds it’s some of my best memories…and everything was around food and making food.

Family doesn’t have to be blood…Family is a feeling of coming home…of being home…you sometimes get this feeling with friends, or even strangers. 

HFG has that feeling of coming home…one of the mom’s in the program gave us a review on Facebook that said HFG was her home away from home…and like it was when I was growing up, food is at the centre of Everything we do at HFG…Family. 

“Do with your heart, and hearts will be touched in return.” – Leonie Segall

 …now for some statistics:

 5 # years in service

400 # of families served in those years

50 # of mom’s on active roster at any given time

35 # of volunteers each year

100 % run by volunteers 

I would like to thank everyone in the family who make this possible.

 Volunteers – It takes an exceptional group of volunteers to join the HFG family and carry on that feeling.

Board and Advisory members – I would like to name a few people here who’ve been a part of the HFG family from day one…Nadia Edwards, Melissa Patterson, Cynthia Singh and our Lawyers, Dickinson Wright LLP.

Very special thanks to the moms for trusting us and for learning to let go of the negative and being open to learning positives and for being brave enough to open their hearts and explore growth. 

…and to everyone who in anyway have helped us move the idea of HFG forward, thank you.

Special thanks to Simon and Theo, my family, my biggest cheerleaders. Thank you for your constant support and understanding

 Thanks to Joan John of The JunCtian who organized this event. Thanks for the honour of this award and thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with me.