Donor Appreciation Wall

We are very grateful for your support – you helped abuse survivors see that they are not alone and that there are kind and thoughtful people in the world who are willing to help them make the transition to lead lives without abuse.  

Thank you for believing in the power of kindness!

2015 Donors

Moona Syed Megan Marnick Shie-Mee
Danna Schaubel Pam Proulx Chris Carney
Stephanie Evans Richard Davy Mike Thomas
Shelly Quinn David Doze c/o Pilot PMR George Klar
Tammy Bennett Hiranga Jayawaroana Bales Beall LLP Bales Beall LLP
Cristina Alcivar Carolyn Heathcote Chris Girard
Dale Yurka Terrie Miller Jonathan Jacob
Yevgenia Selina Robert Harrison Jeff Tiefenbach
Ellé Marks Blaine Pho Zaheed Jiwani
Sophie Omoumi Phil Chen James Leong
Denise Fray Dickinson Wright LLP Luke Schmidt
Heather Gillis Gilligan & Associates Simon Segall
Mary Robinson Greystone Managed Investment Inc. DJ Tommy Thompsom
Nicole Macbeth Curtis Afiwi International We Got Gamez


2014 Donors

Sara Kuz Carole Charkow Laura Quattrociocchi
Moona Syed Danna Schaubel Chris Carney
Simon Segall Andrew Norris Shie-Me Yeh
Ellé Marks