Back to School Mammas

An evening with HFG, Elle Marks Collection and Annalay Accessories presenting to women on setting up a routine for back to school, dressing for your body type and accessorizing.


DSCN0845 DSCN0844 DSCN0843 DSCN0842 DSCN0841 DSCN0840 DSCN0839 DSCN0838 DSCN0837 DSCN0836 DSCN0835 DSCN0834 DSCN0833 DSCN0832 DSCN0831 DSCN0830 DSCN0829 DSCN0828 DSCN0827 DSCN0826 DSCN0825 DSCN0824 DSCN0823 DSCN0822 DSCN0821 DSCN0820 DSCN0819 DSCN0818 DSCN0817 DSCN0816 DSCN0814 DSCN0813 DSCN0812 DSCN0811 DSCN0810 DSCN0809 DSCN0808 DSCN0807